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Dragon Egg Chameleon Flakes Intense Color Shifting Pigment


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Dragon Egg offers shades of Teal, Pink, Purple, Orange

The Nerdy Birdy’s line of Chameleon Flakes are flakes of color-shifting pigments that can be used in a wide variety of applications. These pigments are cosmetic grade and only contain colorants approved by the FDA for Cosmetic Use.

These pigments provide intense color change effects. The effect works best over dark (black is best) base coats. To achieve maximum color change effects use over a base pigmented with Carbon Black.

Chameleon Flakes are sold in 1 gram and 5 gram jar options. If you are interested in wholesale quantities, please contact us for pricing.

Potential Applications Include:
Resin Art, Paints, Glazes, Candles, Bath Bombs, Soaps, Slime, Nail Art, Fishing Lures, Pottery, & More

Bath Bombs Note: If using in Bath Bombs, we recommend adding Polysorbate 80 to aid in emulsifying. This will aid in dispersion in the water, and prevent a color ring from forming on the tub.

Nail Art Note: Apply the flakes on top of a cured gel coat, a dark color is recommended. Seal with a No-Wipe UV Top Coat and cure.

Cosmetics Note: Due to the large particle size, these pigment should only be used around the eyes for costume make-up.

Diiron Trioxide, Zinc Oxide, Copper Powder, Aluminum Powder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
This is absolutely gorgeous color!!

This is absolutely gorgeous color!!

Nichole P.
Nichole 5 stars

Nichole 5 stars

when I opened the top to the container som...

when I opened the top to the container some of rhe pigment was alwresy spilled out, the top seal isn't the best. Other than that I love it and it'd very good.

Shivani S.
Shivani 5 stars

Shivani 5 stars

Natalie E.
Stunning color! great addition to my paint...

Stunning color! great addition to my paint!